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two new color Nike Dunk High debut, a pair of the midnight blue grey wolf with blue collocation and yellow, the number of 317982-415, a pair of red and pink with black collocation, the number of 317982-613, launched in July, has launched the first part of the shop. New Balance launched M998GGO, gray suede shoes senior material collocation white lining and white laces, side Swoosh, logo and the tongue is the use of elements followed by details of orange color eye-catching, overall is still a continuation of the past us made outstanding texture, which is available at the famous shop Concepts.Sandals are foot products first appeared in the history of mankind, it is said that BC the Egyptians to rope into and match the size of the foot soles, and fix them walking on foot with a belt, which is the original image from the package is sandal strap or rope is evolved. Today's sandals, under the brand designer to build, more in line with the aesthetic requirements of the public, but also more fashionable and comfortable. Our outdoor target groups also launched the 2015 spring and summer cool sandals, high-quality leather, exquisite workmanship and innovative ideas, add highlights to your man. head layer cowhide material selection is more soft and breathable, suitable for work and life occasions, highlight men with the side. traditional style join weaving style, simple but distinctive, luxurious embossed leather charm is that man. either end of exquisite car line process or wear non slip, all show the brand Seiko secret agents and intentions.The design of flexible heel shoes can be adjusted at random, and realize the function of one shoe with two passes, and the slippers can be changed according to the occasion. (Global shoes network my editor)"The summer before the arrival of Jordan to Jordan you sexy light already regardless of appearance or material for having heard it many times, with science and technology, not a double Jordan in the eyes of Sneaker, the entry-level game player is not alone with the hardcore game player! In Jordan sneaker has been imitated but never surpassed the shoes are those? The following Xiaobian together to find Jordan? Air Jordan 1This pair of in a new version of the 1985 classic black color retention on the foundation, in the toe and both sides into grain leather, and the leather shoes not only smooth the formation of texture contrast, but also adds a lot of luxurious atmosphere. Ai cheap foamposites for sale r Jordan 3 Air Jordan 3 way to fame, a fairy like dunk from the free throw line isn't enough? From the days after other people to love, it is the first to get rid of basketball shoes as fashion items Air Jordan is not too much. Air Jordan 4 Air Jordan 4 is Nike Jordan series fourth double positive basketball shoes, was born in 1988, the Air Jordan series is a very classic, let this series have the soul, and the Air Jordan 4 mesh uppers layup shoe buckle is famous in the world. Air Jordan 5 1989-90, the bulls for the "master" Jackson as head coach, the team made was always the second best regular season (55 - 27), Jordan (33.6), scoring is still the best NBA team and defensive team, and steals. The highest single game scoring record of 69 points, then it is this pair of Air Jordan5 on the feet of Jordan. Air Jordan 6 Air Jordan 6 is Nike Jordan series sixth is a generation of basketball shoes worn by Jordan is the first time to win the NBA Championship basketball shoes. The most classic black and red color. Air Jordan 11 Jordan I first saw the 11 generation was immediately attracted to it, and asked for the Nike in the playoffs will provide for the game was wearing shoes for himself, affection, remarkable. Air Jordan 13 Air Jordan 13 first came out, Jordan himself and several Chicago was one of the few who wear it. However, after a few years, a lot of Jordan brand camp star wore a replica of the AJ 13 in 2004. Air Foamposite OneStrong and flexible characteristics of make Foamposite become very unique and attractive. Unlike other traditional leather.Nike Air More Uptempo shines in this year, and in August there will be a GS exclusive color match with us. Color with white based colors, in AIR and Swoosh with navy blue toe, and in charge of Air Max air cushion and other details with orange red. As a whole, there is no lack of vitality, and friends like you can pay attention to it. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! into the pit just for the new people, the most headache or a variety of Vans branch, shoes are often not clear, although there is a pair of Vans shoes in my heart, but I really can not say clearly what it is. What! Mody! Ghost! Today Vans lovers who can not know [start], we speak from the Vans famous shoe line. Vans Classics classic li Cheap jordans online ne Vans Classics classic line is the most common feeder for the entire Vans brand, which includes Slip-On, Authentic, Era, Sk8-Hi, Old Skool, Half Cab and Chukka Boot, a pair of shoes, no Vans Classics classic line of shoes, it was trendsetter? Common Vans classic extension Logo Vans California of California branch each American brand to its birthplace has a deep attachment, Vans California walking route in the end, use more sophisticated material materials, more stringent quality requirements, the higher the price, to bring the most pure California flavor. P.S.: California branch of the foot insoles is good! Vans California Logo Mark Vans Califorina shoe heel of the insole .Vans Surf surf line if you want to slide back first, then some indispensable in the story is California beach and surf the sport, 60s at the beginning of the end of 1950s, California is a big boy whim, will be transformed into a surfboard on land can "fly" from the board, only today's Vans. Vans Surf is absolutely not to be underestimated in recent years, it has been the main Vans in the summer, in the Vans Surf surf line, Vans is equipped with a super UltraCush Eco insole comfortable, foot behind UltraCush HD. And full of flavor of its beach shoes design, the weight of lightweight, breathable, is a summer of choice. Vans Surf Logo .Van Doren, founder of branchName: Van Doren, branch is the name Vans brand founder, BoAdidas behind New York, Nicks, and then push the new theme Nicks tone D Rose Englewood 2. The shoes are full of metallic royal blue with orange and white, and the midsole shows a gradient. The upper part is decorated with large scales, and the texture is good. This Adidas D Rose Englewood 2 is available now. 0.jpg (57.74 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-5-6 upload at 19:41 1.jpg (45.16 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-5-6 upload at 19:41 2.jpg (42.4 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-5-6 upload at 19:41 3.jpg (46.97 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-5-6 upload at 19:41 4.jpg (65.91 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-5-6 upload at 19:41 5.jpg (52.7 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-5-6 upload at 19:41 6.jpg (55.04 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-5-6 upload Adidas at cheap air jordans g (92.13 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-9-20 09:10 upload Toward the end of this 〈br more="" photos="" below... 2.jpg (104.89 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-9-20 09:10 upload 3.jpg (96.66 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album adidas since the last season for Damian Lilllard launched exclusive shoes D Lillard 1, the boots to accompany him on the pitch to fight, but also to witness his growth. With the new season coming, it's still up to Lillard to lead the team higher and further. D Lillard 1 overall price low TechFit obvious to people, who give feet socks overshoes more flexible operation, the collocation of adiPrene+ with moderate feedback to shock needed help. In addition, the sewing and cutting pieces of the whole shoe body draw close to the traditional basketball shoes, showing the appearance which is different from the narrow and thin body length. Adidas has also prepared the Rip City for Lillard for the 2015 season, and the Road color. The two models are inspired by the pioneers, using different tones and decorative designs respectively. The 'Road' version features a replacement of the vamp to provide a more casual feel. According to the current news, two pairs will be sold in Taiwan, if any, and interested candidates are looking forward to it! D Lillard 1 'Rip City' 161161 9191 132132 141141 7373 3535 D Lillard 1 'Road' 1919 151151 8-b8-b 101101 5555 1717 Damian Lillard is actually 12-1200-Dame-Wht112-1200-Dame-Wht1 16-b16-b 1-Damian-Lillard-adidas-Dolla11-Damian-Lillard-adidas-Dolla1 8-a8-a 20-Damian-Lillard-adidas-Dolla20-Damian-Lillard-adidas-Dolla 211211 source: Nice Kicks foreign website Sole Collector, especially for the John Wall's first pair of Adidas endorsement designer shoes Robbie Fuller access, and talked about the whole development process of some interesting things. Having experienced the endorsement of different brands, the potential of John Wall has always attracted much attention. However, in recent years, we have been able to exert ourselves. Through sorting out the content, together to understand Adidas J Wall 1 what features it?! , this is the first pair of John Wall's Adidas sneakers. Talk to us about what the whole design process is like! designers know athletes first before they begin to design. In addition, I'll try to add something that be jordans for sale longs to Wall, probably his favorite things, needs, etc., while retaining the need to design shoes at the end. So before we started, we found something that suited his personality from his wardrobe and led us in a certain direction. And we plan to design a performance oriented shoes, in the final product, we also see such results, and become his first pair of endorsements shoes. what has been learned from his personal style? Does it affect the final design? , his style is like I-95 highway, across many regions. From his wardrobe, we saw many different kinds of shoes, which gave us inspiration for the design of the outsole. You'll see the entire map of the United States, with Washington as its center, extending the tiny line to the other 29 cities in NBA. The meaning behind this is' give, love, get, love 'or' give style and get style'. So when he goes to each city to play, he can experience it more deeply. from the point of view of performance, what are the expectations of John Wall for these shoes? he definitely doesn't want a low cylinder, but he hopes to be a little tall. Because it gives him security and moves more quickly on the field. Besides, he likes Crazyquick very much. After a full season, we know that some of the elements of Crazyquick are what we can use, so you'll find some grooves at the bottom, which is the design that has been transplanted from previous experience. Of course, I also want to give him something new, so we try to use the full sole adiprene + shock absorber to provide the full slow vibration ability from the toe to heel, which is just in line with his needs. Then Kung Fu in the vamp, in order to make him more quickly on the pitch movement, so we strengthen the coating of shoes, so you will see two pieces of shoes in the foot part of materials to make shoes design more fit. Boost is the main subject of Adidas now earlier in February, when Energy Boost technology announced that in August will launch Adidas new technology in the bottom Spring Blade. At first glance, with a very strong sense, its inspiration comes from grassland in gazelles, each pillar extending out independent people have constantly move feeling, the Washington Redskins star NFL Robert? Griffin III has released the new shoes photos on the website, please continue to report detailed reports of the next lock. source: sneakerreport Solecollector? New York famous singer Rihanna (Robyn Rihanna Fenty) in earlier than the personal website Instagram put up a sign with the sports brand PUMA photos, but the official website also invited her as a woman of the year to determine the motion series of voice and creative director position, will cooperate with its unique female perspective and ingenuity. It also makes people look forward to a chemical effect between how. source: @badgalririLast year, Adidas Parley for the and marine environmental protection organization Oceans cooperation between the two sides together, will be in the ocean of waste plastics into fiber material, and for footwear, hope to arouse people's attention and maintain the natural environment, several successive wave finished actually exhibit Adidas sustained investment research, new technology breakthrough in addition, this paper focused on the uppers made of this pair of running shoes, if you have the impression of Parley Oceans and the for six months ago, adidas has been through the Futurecraft 3D technology to recycle and waste polyester fiber as raw material in the bottom gillnetting (station reported), Parley for the Oceans and their partners in the Sea Shepherd together in the collection of the Maldives coastal illegal deep-sea gill net, and this material is called Parley Ocean Plastic?, contains high performance yarns and poly Compound material, the official said the first step of this shoe is the realization of the challenge, the future will gradually expand the application in the manufacturing of footwear, apparel, production and manufacturing of Adidas in the end to build the blueprint for the really exciting and worthy of affirmation. This pair of with Ultra Boost as a prototype concept shoe into the Tailored Fibre technology, the Alexander Taylor Studio is responsible for leading the technology is a highly customized technology as the starting point, the user related data to the computer, through the automation of machine precision weave uppers, let them in ocean floating, hazardous waste will cause ecological rebirth into meaningful existence. "This is an exciting collaboration. Adidas and Parley for the Oceans have worked together to turn waste into running shoes, proving that these things that harm the environment of the earth can be recycled and created again.". Retired French footballer Zinedine Zidane said he is now working on the project and helping to promote it. The day before the world ocean day this month (June 8th), Adidas announced through the Instagram activity sent 50 double product, tell you to the marine environment maintenance and reject the use of disposable plastic products concept, have a chance to win this pair of shoes do not have the significance, way to Instagram with activity or the official website understand. Adidas Crazylight Boost 4 will soon be published, there will be more colors appear in front of us. Crazylight Boost 4 "Multicolor" by playing surface in the four layer SprintWeb on the creativity, showing special lines, are like the rainbow shine on the vamp as dazzling color. The overall use of black tone can also highlight the characteristics of the upper, in addition to the shoes, white three lines have a sense of speed. Crazylight Boost 4 will be available on August, us time, and is expected to cost $$140. source: Sole Collectoradidas adiZero Crazy Light 3 Low barrel body can reduce more flexible ankle movement, and black SPRINTWEB and red SPRINTFRAME phase, become the most classic color matching. From the amount of light generation has just published the idea has been extended to the three generation, the subsequent progress is to make people look forward to. adidas Damian Lillard for the first generation of personal exclusive boots Lillard 1 launch of the new D color, the back of the inspiration comes from his hometown in Oakland where the team AAU Oakland Rebels, in the body of the shoe to block a fresh blue and bright red shirt collocation complete showing color, so that the whole is very neat and elegant. This not only for their own shoes to increase diversity of styles, but also to help these young players in basketball on the road has a considerable amount of resources to assist, so that they can play superb skills. is also expected to be sold in Foot, Locker and in July 10th. source: Sneakernews0.jpg (413.97 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-5-27 09:09 upload 1.jpg (432.59 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-5-27 09:09 upload 2.jpg (391.96 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-5-27 09:09 upload 3.jpg (425.67 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-5-27 09:09 upload 4.jpg (395.91 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-5-27 09:09 upload 5.jpg (409.73 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-5-27 09:09 upload The sohoo 2015-7-17 16:04 editor atmos-x-asics-tiger-25th-anniversary-birthday-dinner-gel-lyte-iii-11.jpg (123.34 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-17 16:04 upload 1.jpg (106.17 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-17 15:57 upload atmos-x-asics-tiger-25th-anniversary-birthday-dinner-gel-lyte-iii-3.jpg (77.82 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-17 16:04 upload 3.jpg (128.68 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-17 upload 15:57 4.jpg (107.13 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-17 15:57 upload& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the world's leading sports brand Adidas seems blames him earn enough, recently announced plans to enter the online gaming market! Adidas official said that the upcoming launch of the Joint Typhoon Games debut - Free football games "The Impossible Team OL". Beta game scheduled for May 1, 2006, when the global players into the game can experience the passion of the World Cup. Please note that the "free" and "football" these two keywords. We had asserted that in 2006 the hottest online games market game type is none other than non-leisure sports, online games market in 2006 the most profitable way will be the mainstream model of free online games, Adidas whole accounted for Qi. As 2006 German FIFA official sponsor, Adidas launched the pre-World Cup games this intention is clear, is that like to take a good pulled a World Cup fever. adidas NMD R1 "Ukiyo-e" customized version of PUMA, recently officially "Ukiyo-e style elements" into the product, with PUMA's classic Disc Blaze, Easy Rider shoes and Clyde based on the design, the main colors of dark blue collocation "Ukiyo-e" style patterns, to herald the birth of new suction sharp eyes. there are also Track, Jacket and T-shirts in this series. At present, the series of products have been designated for major PUMA stores. looks like REEBOK is paying special attention to classic running shoes LX8500 this year, because REEBOK has recently unveiled a new LX8500 STEEL color. the shoes made of grey suede and leather, the brand logo is in blue and red Ganso embellishment, to make shoes more retro feeling. now, this shoe has been purchased at a specialty store. [pictures from the Internet, FROM:SNEAKERNEWS]